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Please read carefully before researching here. By using this site, you are giving your consent to the terms and conditions of use. If you allow anyone in your firm to use your password, you agree that you will ensure that the researchers using your password will abide by these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time. You should monitor the terms of usage periodically. If you continue to use the Archives after the postings of changes to these terms, you are agreeing to accept the changes.

This Archive is a service to lawyers, law enforcement, and other legal professionals. The documents herein are for educational purposes only. Parent Watch does not give legal advice and the content of this Archive should not be construed as legal advice. There is no relationship of any kind between Parent Watch, the web host, and researchers who gain access to the Archives.

Parent Watch is a nonprofit clearinghouse for information on child and youth labor abuse in the traveling door-to-door sales industry. As such, our mandate is to educate the public regarding this phenomenon.

Historically, there has been a dearth of civil case law for attorneys who represent clients whose cases involving traveling sales crews. However, the last five years has seen an increase in public awareness of the sales crew phenomenon, due to network television coverage, and an increase in the number of victims of heinous crimes directly attributable to the practices of a significant number of companies that run traveling sales crews. This has resulted in more criminal prosecution and civil litigation. Parent Watch obtains and archives this data.

Attorneys and other legal professionals have contacted Parent Watch asking for research materials and case law or to request contacts and inform us of new cases. The cases and other material of interest posted on this password site are the beginning of a Legal Archive that will facilitate the study of this specific issue--thus affording attorneys and law enforcement the only working database of its kind outside of government.

The Archives contain research materials and a message board for use via password.


Posting confidential information relating to a client or case on the message board may constitute a breach of your ethical obligation to protect client confidentiality. Although Parent Watch takes steps to prevent likely adversaries from accessing the message board, Parent Watch cannot guarantee that your adversaries will not gain access to the messages and/or questions you post.

Confidential client information means: any information relating to a client or case that is not generally known and is acquired by legal professionals during, or as a result of, the representation of that client.

The Legal Archives message board may be used as a contact point only. For instance, in preparing for litigation an attorney might wish to post a hypothetical situation, so long as there is no risk that another user of the site who lacks independently acquired information about the matter would be able to identify the client or any unique legal strategy involved. The attorney should state his request and then post contact information: an email address or telephone number.

No discussions or conferences may take place on the Legal Archives message board.

Users with specific questions about a particular client or case should contact Parent Watch by telephone rather than posting questions on the bulletin board.

Parent Watch will use reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing information posted on the message board as well as electronic mail, and will not disclose the contents of electronic mail to other members or outside parties without written consent on a case-by-case basis. This is subject to a reservation by Parent Watch of its right to access and disclose any message on the system to its webmaster for the purpose of providing the service, to protect the security or quality of the system or the rights or property of Parent Watch or third parties, or as required by law.


Anyone who has obtained a password to the Archives may submit memoranda, newsletter articles, outlines, speeches, minutes and other substantive materials for posting. However, this site is not designed to upload. Submissions in the form of citations or links may be forwarded by email to Parent Watch. Paper submissions may be sent by regular post to Parent Watch, 2790 Broadway, Suite 9, New York N. Y. 10025.

When submitting material you are legally responsible for honoring the rights of others, including but not limited to, intellectual-property rights (copyright, patent, and trademark), the right to privacy, and the right not to be defamed. If you use your password in any way that violates the laws of New York and/or the United States, your password access will be canceled. Parent Watch reserves the right to choose from the submissions, and to edit, if necessary, those deemed most appropriate for inclusion in the archives.

Parent Watch will delete any materials at the request of the user who submitted the materials.


You agree by using the Legal Archives on this website that you will not, without the express approval of Parent Watch, distribute or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation of funds, promotion, advertising, or solicitation for goods or services. You specifically agree that soliciting other archive users to join or become members of any commercial service or organization is prohibited.


In submitting work for the Legal Archives maintained by Parent Watch, you authorize other members who have access to that service to make personal and customary use of the work, but not otherwise to link or repost it, or reproduce or disseminate it unless you give permission for such dissemination. You also give permission to Parent Watch to copy your works as part of the normal backup process, and to site administrators to archive topics containing your works.


Information provided on this web site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Parent Watch will periodically add, change, improve, or update the information and documents on this web site without notice. Parent Watch assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this web site. Your use of the Legal Archives is at your own risk. EACH MEMBER BY REGISTERING TO USE THE LEGAL ARCHIVES WAIVES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS RELATING TO THE USAGE OF THE SYSTEM OF MATERIAL OR INFORMATION MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE SYSTEM, WHETHER SUCH CLAIMS ARE AGAINST PARENT WATCH OR ANY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS SUPPLIED MATERIAL TO THE SYSTEM. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory shall Parent Watch, its suppliers, or any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering this Web site’s contents be liable to you or any other person for any damages, including but no limited to indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising from your access to, or use of, the Legal Archives.

You agree to indemnify and hold Parent Watch and its members harmless from any claim arising as a result of your use of the system or the materials you contribute to the Archives or post on the message board.



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